Formatting in Essay

Good and proper formatting always helps students to impress their teachers to get good grades. Formatting is the most important part of essay writing. This helps the students to get higher grades in their assignments and exams. Some students simply focus on their write-up and forget about formatting their text. This is wrong; they must proofread their text and use a proper format to give it a complete end. Without formatting, your essay is not correct. There are so many tips and tricks to use the correct formatting style in your essay to achieve good grades. Every student must follow certain rules to format their essay. This article by a cheap essay writing service will help students to know about how proper formatting in an essay helps to get higher Grades.


There are different styles of writing and formatting essay or any other academic text like MLA (the Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association), and Chicago essay writing style, etc. If students will use any of these formats to write their essays, they will ultimately get good marks. These writing styles are always used by academic writers. Let’s explained one of these in detail for students so that they can learn to write a good essay. It will not only help them to improve their writing style, yet enhance their ability to use a proper formatting style in their text. Formatting any text or essay will help them to get higher grades. Below are the rules to use MLA formatting style for writing essays.

Fonts: Selection of the right font size and fonts is very important in essay writing. According to MLA essay writing format Times, New Roman fonts are used in 12points or size.

  • Heading: The second most valuable point is heading. It should be placed in the upper left corner of the page of the essay. You have to write about yourself like your name, your professor’s name, class, assignment name or topic, subject, and date.
  • Double Spacing: The entire text of your essay must be written with double space. No single spacing is allowed. And not extra spacing is accepted. Also, no extra space is added between lines and paragraphs.
  • Margins: According to the MLA essay writing style, you must add a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, left, and right corners of the page. You can simply use default margins from the Word you are using.
  • Page Numbers: Another important point is to write your last name and the number of pages in your essay. It should be written in the upper right corner of each page of your essay. You can use “header” from Word to write the name and page number.
  • Title: As we all know that all academic writings must have a title. So, your essay must include a title too. It should be written in the center and written on the first page above the first line of the essay. It should be in the same fonts, but must not be italics, bold, underlined, or added in quotation marks.
  • Align Left: Most of the students don’t focus on this point, but they must know that alignment has its importance in essay writing. According to the MLA essay format, the text of the essay must be at the left margin. You can use the option of “Align Left” instead of “Justify” from the Word processor.
  • Indentation: This point explains that in an essay the first line of each paragraph must be indented. The indentation in MLA essay writing format should be ½ inches of has five spaces. By pressing “Tab” you can simply get the correct indentation accordingly.

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These are the basic MLA essay writing formatting rules that must be followed by the students while writing their essays. Students must follow the proper structure to write their essays. This can always help them to get higher grades.