Make Project Proposal

A proposal of a project is a document that tells why your proposed project idea is worth doing or researching. It is an initial framework that creates the concept of a project and specifies what you want to achieve through this project by which means or steps. Typically a project proposal contains a summary of a project and provides details regarding the origin and scope of the project, the time required to complete the project, steps, and resources required to achieve the targeted goal, individuals involved and responsible, and the methodologies used.

Importance of a Project Proposal:

According to a dissertation proposal writing service, a proposal is an important and necessary document that helps members of the project team and other stakeholders to understand the importance of the project and tells them the details and requirements of the project. Secondly, the project proposal helps the team members to know what they need to do, how they will do it and will be the group and individual duties and responsibilities. Thirdly and most importantly, a proposal is necessary for getting the approval and permission of concerned authorities for initiating the project.

Benefits of a Clear and Perfect Proposal:

  1. A good proposal helps to create the capability, feasibility, and practicality of a project.
  2. It clarifies the expectations of every team member.
  3. It explains and simplifies the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the project.
  4. It clearly states the requirements of the project and shows the roadmap of the project,
  5. It establishes the structure and organization of the project.
  6. A perfect and successful proposal helps to approve the required budget.
  7. When a project proposal is rightly presented it gets support.
  8. A perfect and flawless project proposal is like a first successful step towards the successful completion of the project.

Steps for Making a Project Proposal:

Creating a project proposal involves seven steps.

Step 1: Identifying And Defining The Problem:

First of all, you have to identify the problem that will cause the basis or fi=foundation of your project. Then you have to define that what the actual problem is and how solving this problem is important. Support the importance of the problem with the help of facts and figures. A project is not based on solving a problem that is a problem in your opinion only. You need to support this problem with actual evidence.

Step 2: Searching And Presenting Your Solution For The Problem:

After identifying and defining the problem you have to come up with a solution that you can provide to solve it. This solution must be a unique idea that is different from all existing solutions. The main reason for doing a project is the creativity, innovation, and uniqueness involved in it. So you must find a new practical solution or a different and unique way of solving the problem.

Step 3: Describing Deliverables And Achievement Measures:

In this step, you have to define the results of the project that what you will get through the completion of this project. You also have to mention the time by which you will be able to complete this project. At this step, you also have to tell the standards or criteria which will tell whether the project is successful or not.

Step 4: Research Plan:

This is the major and most important part of the project. It tells about how the team will perform this project. You have to include the detail about the target achieving approach. You also have to defend your approach by describing its effectiveness and rightness. Here you also have to define that how you will manage this project. Tell about the strategy of your project. What will be the responsibilities of each team member, how you will manage the workflow and what will you do when encountering a problem. You also have to tell about the safety and precautionary measures you will take to avoid uncertainty and problems.

Step 5: Outlining And Scheduling:

Once you have clear goals and strategies in front of you, then you have to define your budget. It will include details about how many financial resources will be required in total and how much will be spent on each step of the project separately. Here you have provided the accurate figures after calculation. You are not supposed to make guesses.

Step 6: Conclude It:

After the completion of all the above five steps, you have to conclude your project details. In conclusion, you have to briefly summarize all the details you have provided at the start. Summarize the problem, its solution, and the way this solution will benefit the stakeholders. Emphasize the competitive edge or unique element of your project. The proposal should look like a story that is related from start to end.

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Step 7: Proofreading:

Review your proposal. Check for grammar and spelling errors. Make the changes where required and make sure that the proposal must have all the necessary elements. Check that the proposal is written in a formal and professional tone. It should be properly organized and visually attractive.

Structure of the Project Proposal:

The structure and format of the project are very simple. T include the following elements

  1. Introduction
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Background History
  4. Requirements
  5. Solution
  6. Authorization

Pre-requisite of the Project Proposal:

Before starting to write the project proposal you must consider the following things. Keep the targeted audience in your mind. Their expectations will influence your project results. Make a clear understanding of your project topic and the problem you are addressing. Availability and access to the resources.

Things that Cause the Rejection of Proposal:

  1. A project proposal will be rejected if
  2. It is not properly defined
  3. It does not have clearly defined goals
  4. The result and benefits of the project are not clear
  5. Right research methodology is not selected
  6. The proposal of the project is not presented effectively

Bring Technology into Use:

There is much software available on the internet that is very helpful in creating and handling the project. They also help in writing the project proposal and project reports. You can use any of these projects to make a good and appealing proposal for your project.