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A geek is an unattractive social misfit. Anyhow, he is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a particular subject. That’s why people consider that geeks are weird and anti-social. They live in the shadows, and they don’t consume. Nowadays, people have different thinking about geeks. Its reason is that they are the owners of various successful companies. The most famous example of geeks is Larry Page. He is the co-founder of Google. Here, we will discuss the top eight business ideas for geeks to start a business with little investment.

Digital Marketing Agencies:

If you have enough interest in technology, this is one of the best business ideas. Before starting this business, you should gain some experience in marketing. In the beginning, you can create a digital marketing agency. After creating a digital marketing agency, you can serve companies in various ways. The potential companies will look for you to manage their social media accounts. They will also try to get your services to a higher ranking in the search engines. To start this business, you will have to be focused on the first version of the website. Moreover, you will have to diagnose your business model.

Create Mobile Applications:

Undoubtedly, mobile devices are increasing, and people are using them to sell and buy products. If you have enough experience in technology and innovation, it is one of the best business ideas. After starting this business, you can create mobile apps for the companies. You can also create mobile apps for individuals. While creating mobile apps, you should consider the requirements of clients. Moreover, it would be best if you also introduced fluency for the users. To start this business, you don’t require enough investment.

Video Blog:

It has also become one of the best business ideas for the young generation. Nowadays, people are looking for new ways of expression on YouTube and other social media sites. You can easily start this business on YouTube. YouTube is offering a free platform to start your video blog. Before starting this business, you should think about your favourite topic. You can’t get the required results if you start a video blog on an unrelated topic. It would be best if you tried to create alliances with the companies and brands relevant to your video blog. After getting sponsorships from them, you can earn enough money.

Animation School:

Some people are experts in audio-visual communication. Moreover, they have enough knowledge about digital illustration. Animation school is one of the best business ideas for them. To start this business, we have to invest in the equipment. For example, we have to buy equipment to produce animation, make storyboards, etc. You will have to create a team of professionals. After hiring the professionals, you can assign different tasks to them. For the success of your business, you should try to design promotional campaigns.

Robotics Camp:

Some people have enough interest in robotics and technology. By using their knowledge, they teach these skills to the children. This is the best way to enhance children’s mathematics and technology skills at a young age. You can set up a robotics camp for children of different ages. First, you can set up this camp for five years students. Secondly, you can also set up this camp for the five to ten years students. To start this business, they have to buy robotics materials and kits. They can develop different themes to attract children.

Mobile Device Repair:

No doubt, it is also one of the best business ideas for you at this age. Its reason is that the demand for smartphones is growing. That’s why you can easily offer repair services to smartphone users. While offering these services to the people, you have to have enough knowledge about the battery, camera, and other mobiles accessories. If you want to run a successful business, you can build a shop in the market. Anyhow, you can also offer home repairing services to the clients. For this reason, you will have to run marketing campaigns for the success of your business.

Production of Audio-Visual Content:

According to research by a dissertation help firm, the live-streaming trend is increasing on social media sites. By keeping in mind this trend, you can use your production skills. You can offer live recording services to the people. To start this business, you will have to invest in live production devices like cameras, satellite transmission, mobile units, etc. When you offer these kinds of services to people, you can earn money differently. First, you can earn money by offering pay-per-view services to the people. Secondly, you can also earn money by offering pay-per-subscription services to the people.

Computer Assistant for Beginners:

No doubt, it is also one of the trendy business ideas for the geeks. Its reason is that the use of technological devices is increasing day by day. By offering the best solutions to the technological problems of the people, you can also earn money. Here, you can earn money in various ways. For example, you can earn money by providing training to the people about installing computers, scanners and smart devices etc. After entering into this business, you can also offer people backup and data recovery services. You can also provide technical support to people on how to avoid online scams.


These are the best business ideas for the geeks. If they have little investment, they can easily start these businesses. Before starting a business, they should think about their skills and interests. For example, if you love technology, you should not enter into any other field. When you start a business relevant to your interest, you can get more chances to succeed in this business. If you have enough knowledge about mobile devices, you can offer mobile repairing services to people. Similarly, you can start robotics camps for children if you love robotics and technology. Along with your interest, you should also think about your requirements.

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