Academic Writing Task

Academic writing task is the most common way of converting complex technology into understandable things. For most people, it is not easy to grasp complex facts. Also, there are lots of technical terms that are very difficult for some people. But academic writing makes it easy to understand. The world is getting advanced in the field of technology. Every day you can see some new inventions.

So with the advancement in technology, the worth of academic writing is increasing. The scope of academic writing is very vast. Academic writing is the foundation of all research work. To perform academic writing tasks, you have to focus on the goal of research. After that, the most important thing is the problem statement. And all the other aspects like analysis, result, and conclusion need proper attention as well. Before working on these aspects, you have to plan your academic writing task. If you’re not good at planning academic writing tasks, here is a solution to your problem. Let’s discuss some tips as shared by experts of coursework writing services that can help you in planning your academic writing task effectively.

Research Question

The very first step in planning an academic writing task is to design the research question. Here you have to focus on a single issue. It helps you in going through a single direction throughout your research. You have to make clarify what the purpose of your academic writing task is. Also, you have to see what resources you’ve already related to your problem. Note down all the available resources, and start working on the missing ones. It can be in the form of primary, or secondary resources depending upon the need. Another most important thing is to check the relevance of designed question. Ensure whether it is relating to your question or not. You have to highlight all these aspects of academic writing task in the planning phase. You can also go for multiple research questions within mega projects. This demand varies from situation to situation as well.

Research Technique

The second step of planning an academic writing task is deciding the research technique. The purpose of research technique is to address the research question effectively. After that can the researcher come to a logical conclusion. There are different research techniques, and you have to decide on only one. This one research technique must be suitable for addressing the issue. These techniques include interviews, surveys, and questionnaires. They can also be in the form of observations. You can work through these techniques in the form of a group, or with individual means. These research techniques further have many divisions. For example, you decided to go with the questionnaire. Now you have to decide between the open-ended, and close-ended questions. In short, academic writing tasks need proper planning with regards to the research question. Just like multiple research questions, you can go for multiple research techniques.

Structure of Academic Writing Task

In academic writing tasks, you need to plan for the structuring of work. You have to see what the major points of your academic writing task are. Also, you have to collect proper evidence for your claims and ideas. Here you have to take care of the background information. The addition of background information is essential in this aspect. But don’t add all the background history. You have to highlight it briefly so that reader can get an idea of the concept.

In academic writing tasks, you need to plan a proper structure. Here you have to plan paragraphs. This also includes main headings, as well as subheadings of academic writing tasks. You have to plan your table of contents as well. This is because it covers the major, and minor aspects both. And you have to see what information is necessary to add. Also, what can support your arguments in the best way? In academic writing tasks, you have to plan for the formatting, as well as and referencing or in-text citations style. Also, you have to plan for avoiding plagiarism. You have to remain consistent in your writing as well. Whatever formatting style you have selected, follow the same till the end. Same is the case with referencing style.

First and Revised Draft

Write the first draft of your academic writing task. Here you don’t have to worry about grammar, and punctuation mistakes. But the main focus is to set your idea, and develop a logical connection within your work. You can discuss this draft with your advisors, or peers as well. In academic writing tasks, you have to plan about the techniques to avoid plagiarism. After the first draft, you can use some software for checking plagiarism. Then you should work on your highlighted mistakes, and revise your draft.