How To Learn 60 Pages Of Notes In The 15 DaysHow To Learn 60 Pages Of Notes In The 15 Days

During the time of exams pressure, you first need to realize that study for 10 hours is a good formula for best preparations. It is not unhealthy and rarely for the students.  If you want to learn 60 pages of notes in the 15 days, you should read 4 pages of notes per a day but in short breaks.

Study smaller portions at one go

A small quantity of syllabus is very best method to cover your notes. The huge portion of study is not good for the student’s health. If you hurry with all the notes, you will not able to memories them properly. You should read 1 page of notes in 2 hours. You should repeat them 3 times.

Do not study more than 2 hours at a stretch

The optimal period of continuous study is 2 hours. You should take breaks during the study. It is very useful for your health. If you need to continue studying, you should take breaks of around 20 hours.  You can cover 1 page of notes in 2 hours. It will be best for memories everything in your notes. It is most useful tip that you should try to learn your notes and gain good grades.

Focus more on core material

Notes pages can be divided into core material and elaborative material. Core material consists in the principles, theorems, formulae and diagrams. You can illustrate some quotes and examples in the elaborative materials. If you are struggling with unfitted syllabus, you should concentrate on the core materials. It is another best tip that you should adopt in order to minimize your stress and exams load. It is very beneficial for all the students to read 4 pages in one day. You can learn very easily 60 pages in 25 days.

Shift between subject notes

Before you set pages of notes, you should divide into topics and subjects.  It is most important to learn difficult topic in first days. It will make easy to learn next pages. It is useful habit that you should adopt in your academic years. You should do focus on problem-solving subjects such as Math and Physics.  You should make category like memory dependent subjects like, Biology, History and Geography. It contains a lot of material that need to be mugged up.

Learn and write

Reading notes is very difficult task for all the students. However, you should highlight all the notes that are most important.  It helps you to retain in your study.  You should read important points loudly. It is most important tip that you should keep in mind in order to increase your grades. You can record your voice while you are reading your notes.  Stick a couple of chart papers on your wall and write down dates. You should write your reading hours. Create flashcards for the hard bits and carry them around. Flashcards are another best way to learn things easily. You should revise your notes everyday.