What Are The 4 Parts Of An IntroductionWhat Are The 4 Parts Of An Introduction

The action which is involved to introduce someone is known as an introduction. An introduction is designed by keeping in mind the interest, focus, and attention of the readers. The best way to craft a mind-blowing introduction is to commence with an attention grabber, to write some surprising elements about the main theme of your essay, to relate the hook of your introduction with the larger context of your topic, and to provide necessary background information relevant to the main theme of your topic. If you are not able to write an introduction, then you can get help from experts in academic writing services. The four parts of an introduction are explained below;

  • The hook

The hook of an introduction consists of first two or three sentences. The main aim of adding a hook in an introduction is to grab the attention and attraction of the readers. The hook of an introduction should be interesting to the audience. Its reason is that by reading the hook, the readers can make their mind that either is it necessary for them to further read the academic paper or not. The essential types of hooks that a student can add in an introduction are given below;

  • A student can open his introduction with an unusual detail
  • He can commence with a strong statement
  • He can also open with a quotation
  • Open the introduction with an anecdote
  • Open the introduction with a question
  • Background information

After the hook, the students should try to add some background information about the topic in the introduction. The students can easily add background information in an introduction by relating a dramatic anecdote with the hook, by exposing such beliefs that are commonly held, by presenting such statistics and facts that are interesting to the audience members, by using some fitting quotations, by asking some provocation questions about the main theme of the topic, and by defining some key terms of the topic.

  • Thesis

The thesis statement is considered one of the core elements of an introduction. Its reason is that a thesis statement provides a complete detail about the main components or points of an academic paper. It is usually written at the end or middle of an introduction. A thesis statement provides a chance to the students to test their ideas by distilling them in one sentence. With the help of a thesis statement, the students are also in a better position to organize and develop their arguments.

  • Statement of arguments

A statement of arguments provides an idea to the audience members that which thing you are going to persuade in the rest of the academic paper. With the help of a statement of arguments, the students should try to create interest in the audience members about the rest of the academic paper. If you fail to present the statement of arguments in an effective way, then it is almost impossible to you to persuade the readers to adopt your point of view or to read out the rest of the academic paper.