topic ideas for a Masters' thesis in environmental engineeringtopic ideas for a Masters' thesis in environmental engineering

Environmental engineering is a branch of engineering that is concerned with protecting people from the bad effects of environment for example pollution; environmental engineering also improves the quality of the environment. Environmental engineers work to improve recycling, waste disposal, public health, and water and air pollution control.

Students of environmental engineering have to do research in their final semester or year to complete their degree as the research is the requirement for degree completion. Students often face difficulty in choosing topics for their research. Below are some topics mentioned for environment engineering thesis, which students can opt for their thesis.

  1. Reconstruction of vehicle trajectories with dynamic macroscopic data
  2. Design and development of a system for measuring the carbon index of an energy-intensive company
  3. The water footprint of sugar and sugar-based ethanol
  4. Process improvement techniques to identify and remove waste in an automotive industry
  5. The positive and negative impacts of car mobility
  6. Fresh Water and Bioenergy
  7. Designing of carbon measurement standards
  8. How organizations in the fogging industry achieve improved energy efficiency by changing burners within furnaces
  9. To study the characteristics of industrial effluents, sewage and water of river Yamuna at Agra
  10. A Survey of Heavy Metals Concentration In Biosolids of Sewage Treatment Plant
  11. Improving processes to reduce electricity usage and reduce the system inefficiencies
  12. Study and Comparative Analysis of Eco-friendly Wastewater Recycling Plants
  13. To study the Ash generation and Its Utilization
  14. Study of Air Pollution Control and Its monitoring at Thermal Power Plant
  15. Bio-Medical Waste Management: A Case Study
  16. Determining water quality with the help of water conductivity probes
  17. Treatment of Coloured Effluent through HRTS System in Integrated pulp and paper industry
  18. Physico Chemical Analysis and assessment of drinking water supplied
  19. Industrial wastewater recycling
  20. Third World and First World Environmental Issues

The above-mentioned topics can help students of environmental engineering in their Master’s thesis.