Coronavirus Cancels Education Plans

Coronavirus was started in December 2018. Nowadays, it is prevailing in other countries rapidly. According to the world health organization, Novel Coronavirus has become an international disease. Due to this dangerous disease, hundreds of life has been spoiled. According to the latest report, 3444 people have become the victim of this dangerous disease. Hundreds of people are ill in different countries.


The breakdown of this treacherous disease has influenced the life of a human being.  Research by a dissertation writing service shows that it does not harmful to health; indeed, it has changed the educational and economic system a lot. Due to its dangerous, hundreds of school, universities and colleges have postponed their plans. For example, the US has cancelled many SAT exams due to Novel coronavirus.


Doctors and scientist have not cleared how much longer the existence of this disease is. They are not sure how much longer coronavirus will be continued. May be summer educational plan will be cancelled due to its dangerous.  The students of Harvard University, Columbia University, Princeton University, Rice University, Stanford University, Rostra University, University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Washington are affected due to coronavirus. Approximately, more than half a million students have cancelled their educational plans.


According to the world health organization, the coronavirus outbreak is pandemic. Approximately, 120 countries are facing this critical situation. The educational routines and system of these countries are damaged a lot. There is no sign of coronavirus before 2019.  It is the family of virus that spreads between the people in the way of flue and cough. A patient loses respiratory droplets via coughing that damages to the other people.


The symptoms of the coronavirus are very common such as fever, shortness of breath, tiredness, flu and cough. For its effective treatment and extermination, research is ongoing. However, no effective solution is found yet. People can prevent this disease by washing their hands, making the distance from people and using antivirus medicine and mask. Coronavirus affected person should be self-isolated for fourteen days from their family.


In all around the world, public healths have included travel restrictions, school or colleges closures and export and import system. Due to the coronavirus, the educational system of the whole world is unstable. Students are also worried that what they should do now. The exams of the influenced countries have been cancelled. School and colleges have been closed and students are spending their time on Instagram.


If coronavirus has cancelled your education plans, you should join classes via the internet. Approximately, hundreds of students have continued their education via social media tools. Therefore, you should also adopt this safe method. Don’t feel the fear of this virulent disease and find the solution with courage and patience.  The king of the United Kingdom has announced that all the counties should be united to get rid of this deadly disease. We cannot remove this virus until all the countries will be united.


Most universities are delivering a lecture to their students via social media. Along with that, these universities are urging educational system by giving recorded lectures to the students. In this way, the student can safe their self from the coronavirus danger and can continue their educational journey.  If you are leaving in such area where coronavirus is privileging, you must take some essential steps to save yourself. You should avoid a face-to-face lecture. You can continue your educational journey via the internet. I would like to suggest all the students that they should consult with their teachers and should continue their educational process via the internet.


If you are affected by a novel coronavirus, you must start your project. A graduate and undergraduate level, students have to write a long dissertation after conducting deep research. By visiting education blogs and websites, you can start your project. Working on your project can beneficial after the extermination of this dangerous disease.  Along with that, you can start an educational plan in your society. Conduct group study and do work on your project. Identify original research and take advantages of the technology. In this critical situation, you must utilize technology and fulfil your task.  Instead of getting fear, be courageous and take some essential steps to save you. If your educational plan has been cancelled and you are forced to stay at home, you must adopt the habit of reading. In this way, you can improve your knowledge.