5 things you should stick to ensure best grades this semester5 things you should stick to ensure best grades this semester

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. In a world of competition, grades matter the most. The grades decide the overall aptitude of a student and help them in acquiring a decent job. Most of the students are unaware of the basic learning techniques which aid them to score high. Despite their hard work and dedication to studies, they miss few of the fundamental points to learn and it results in low score. Five most significant things that every student should do to score high in semester exams.

Develop a schedule for studying

The human body works in a specialized and a channelized manner. The sleeping and awake patterns are also obvious in the human body. Likewise, students should develop a good routine of studying daily at proper times. If a schedule is set for study, it must be strictly obeyed. This habit of studying on the schedule will help the students to utilize the time in an efficient way. Moreover, the proper schedule of the study also impart a sense of responsibility and makes the mind acclimatized with the studying tools. So, developing a proper schedule for studies is a primary thing.

Make your own brief notes

Making the notes from entire lecturer will help students to understand and learn the basic concepts in an abridged version. The lectures are usually lengthy and loathsome and some of the information in it is not so important to describe. The students can take the important points from the entire lecture and save them on their own notebook and make a pile of their lecture material. This will help students to learn and memorize the all the subject in less and efficient way a night before the exams.

 Try to adopt the habit of group study

An individual study is a good tool for understanding the basic concepts. But research has shown that group study saves plenty of time and energies as different students have different conceptual paradigms and sharing different concepts reduces the time in understanding the concepts through notes or books. A study also says that verbal mode of learning is more efficient than rote learning. So, students need to study in groups to get the better understanding of concepts.

Learn to make diagrams and figures

Students can save their time during exams by drawing figures, graphs and diagrams of the relevant topic rather than filling the sheets with statements. Figures and graphs have the more pronounced effect that verbosity alone. To get high grades, students should learn to make figures and graphs.

Make cue cards and paste on your room wall

Making cue cards and writing heading and bullet points on them and pasting on the wall of your room is an efficient way of memorizing difficult topics. It will also help the students to go through the entire topic and even subjects a night before the final exams.

By practising these five tools, any student can get high grades in semester exams.