A cause and effect essay is one of the most common types of an essay. To write a cause and effect essay, you will have to gather the reasons about the essay topic and try to discuss the results or effects of that particular situation. That’s why a cause and effect essay is also known as reason and result in the essay. The first step to write a cause and effect essay is to select an intriguing topic idea. If you are not able to select a unique and fresh idea for your cause and effect essay, then you can get help from the expert essay writers of the essay writing services. A list of fresh and unique topic ideas to write a cause and effect essay is given below;

  • Video games can boost-up the IQ level of the adults as well as children
  • The immunity can be improved with the help of optimism
  • The communication skills can be improved by using the social media
  • A traffic jam can be reduced by promoting the bicycles at the national level
  • One can improve the family relations by using the cell phones
  • Water vapours are the main causes of natural greenhouse effects
  • The marriage can become a cause of stress
  • The mass media is causing the bias among their audiences
  • One can improve memory and cognitive abilities by learning the Chinese language
  • One can influence the image of effective branding via advertising
  • There are no effects of cramming on the scores of the tests
  • One can influence his/her way of thinking by watching the best movies
  • One can develop empathy by reading the best fictions
  • You can improve your sense of humour by enjoying the best relations among the others
  • The blood vessels are dramatically damaged by smoking
  • There are a lot of negative effects on the newborns of smoking during the pregnancy
  • The children can get the best grades by doing their homework
  • The main cause of poor digestion is emotional eating
  • One can join different problems with the help of obesity
  • The main cause of poor sleeping is the possible troubles in the relations
  • You can lose a friend by adapting lack of communication habits
  • One main cause of lack of confidence is the copying of homework from the others
  • The skills and traits of a student can be influenced by choosing a particular college
  • The students can become unhappy by excessive use of the social media sites
  • The children can enjoy the best peer relations by taking part in the different games
  • One can reduce his/her stress by exercising on the regular basis
  • One can improve his/her mood and well-being by keeping a pet
  • If you don’t clean your room, then it will become uncomfortable to you
  • There are a lot of causes and effects of air pollution
  • There are a lot of effects and cause of Cyber Bullying

After finding an interesting topic idea for your cause and effect essay, it will be easy for you to create a monument of your cause and effect essay.

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